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Easy DIY Crib Rail Covers

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing a recent project I did for my twins’ room.  Both of them have become quite the beavers and their cribs were looking a little sad.  I highly recommend you do this by 8 months instead of at 16 months but ya live and learn right? 😉 I saw this blog post Crib Rail Cover and thought it looked pretty dang easy, especially since it said no sewing was required.  I do know my way around my sewing machine but the amount of time that would take sadly I don’t have currently.

To make these covers you’ll need between 1-2 yards of fabric, depending on your crib.  I ordered 4 yards to be safe from JoAnn’s to cover both cribs.  They had a ton of options, some available online only or just in the store. Our JoAnn’s is on the other side of town though so loading up 2 kiddos for a 5 minute errand isn’t worth it in my book. I found this great gray fleece on sale for about $2 a yard. Total project time was under 2 hours (would take a lot less if only doing one).  Definitely have a chair handy so you don’t kill your back tying all the knots like I did on the first crib.  If interested in more info on this, check out the link to the tutorial I followed.  Her instructions were great!

Have a wonderful day!

DSC_0936DSC_0946 copyDSC_0942


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