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Ikea Hack!

If you are like me, you love a good Ikea hack. I fully admit to looking at every single slide when I stumble upon them on Pinterest or a buzzfeed article. One I kept seeing was about the Spice Racks. I had seen that they were a great use for children’s books instead. And also a very affordable option because let’s be honest, almost everything for their room is expensive! A few months back I ordered a bunch and was really pleased with the result.  They are super easy to put together (an Ikea first) and look great! The girls’ dresser and cribs are also from Ikea so I love that everything matches.  Another goal for me was to finally finish their room by their 2 birthday. Yeah… you read that right.  While my pregnancy was easier than most twin mommas, we just didn’t finish in time.  And then once they were here, well, good luck with that! Ha. But it’s now done, with a few months to spare I might add! If interested in these ‘book shelves’ here’s a link Spice Racks.

Have a wonderful day!



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