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What To Wear For Family Photos!

Hey guys, today we are talking about clothes! Clothing choice is a topic that comes up a lot while planning a session. Every Photographer has a slightly different answer based on their style.  For me it’s pretty simple, there are a lot of “that’s fine” with only a few big “no’s”!

Let’s start with the no’s. For kiddos please avoid any shirts with characters i.e. Paw Patrol, Elmo, or any objects like Cars, Trucks, Monsters – you get the idea.  Another is to avoid apparel with writing or big logos on them.  While they are cute and adorable for everyday wear, you might regret a “I’m the Boss” onesie down the road.  Another slippery slope is plaids.  If only one person is wearing plaid it can be just fine. If 2 out of the 4 people are it can be too much.  Next up is shoes. Keep in mind that not every image will be a close-up.  If you don’t want your Nike’s in the shot, choose a different pair of shoes!

The key for photographs is for it all to work together nicely.  If one person heavily stands out or if your eye keeps coming back to that person, that outfit is too loud.  Another “no” for me is to avoid anything super trendy.  You want your photos to be timeless right? A boho crop top might not be the best choice even if it is currently your favorite top.

On to the Yes’s.  Prints, bold colors, and accessories are always a win.  Kiddos especially look adorable in prints.  Remember to use similar colors though if one of your children is wearing a fun print or pattern.  Coordinating without completely matching is key.  Long gone are the days where everyone wears white shirts and blue jeans. Dresses and skirts are always fine options, but make sure you can easily sit in whatever you are wearing.  That goes for your littles too, we don’t need any undies showing!

If you are stuck and not sure where to begin, I’ll let you in on my secret.  When we did our first family session last fall I knew exactly what my twins were going to wear.  One had a blue dress with white leggings while the other had a cute white top with brown leggings. So I started with their outfits and picked out mine and my husband’s after to coordinate with theirs.  It made it less stressful that way.  I chose a blue dress and my husband had jeans with a nice brown sweater. We were all in the same color plane without all wearing the same exact thing. Looking back we actually should have had a pop of color somewhere. I’ll remember that for next time!

Here’s another example.  Below on the last little girl is an adorable green romper.  At first glance you might thing, eh that’s kinda busy.  It sort of is but not really.  If you loved that outfit you could then pick all colors with a neutral earthy feel. Yellows, browns, greens, and reds for example. If you are a visual person like myself,  lay the first outfit on your bed. Next place potentially pieces next to it and see how it looks.  If all the colors work well together then you’re good to go! If you are my client, snap a pic and show me beforehand.  There’s nothing worse than looking back at your pictures and thinking, “Shoot, I wish I didn’t wear that!” You want to be comfortable and also confident in your clothing choices.

Below are some ideas from the current season at Old Navy.  I love button-ups on boys, so adorable.  Rompers are becoming my favorite for girls right now. It’s all I seem to be dressing my own in these days.  For Women’s styles, I love a bold color top with a neutral pant, short or skirt.  Can make simple basic pieces really come to life.  For Men’s fashion, a basic polo is always a win.  Fancier than a t-shirt, but still casual and comfy.




I hope this information was helpful and took away some of the potential stress.  When in doubt, remember to just ask your Photographer! We’re here to help 🙂  Make it a great day!


*Becky Currier Photography is located in Bend, Oregon.  She shoots in beautiful Central Oregon area and will travel out of the area for a small fee.  She also photographs in the greater Sacramento Area during the summers.


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