Fur Kiddos

If you’re like me, your first child was a furry one.  And as far as crazy dog moms go, I was pretty high up there on the scale.  Our beloved (and crazy) Mini American Eskimo, Woody, stole the show and ruled our house.  So of course I took a million photos of him, talked about him constantly, and he was front and center every year on the Christmas Card.



I wanted to talk (and show) about our fur kiddos today because I believe they certainly are part of the family.  I’m often asked while setting up a sessions if it’s okay to bring their dog or dogs.  My answer is always Yes! I loveeeee dogs so any opportunity to meet and play with a new one is a win in my book! Generally we will do photos with the dog(s) first as like kiddos their attention span can be pretty short.  Be sure to bring their favorite toy and one that squeaks if possible to help in that department.

Below are some of my favorite furry friends I’ve gotten to meet through the years.  Enjoy these cuties and make it a great day!




*Becky Currier Photography is located in Bend, Oregon.  She shoots in beautiful Central Oregon and will travel out of the area for a small fee.  She also photographs in the greater Sacramento area during the summers.



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