Location Spotlight: Drake Park and Mirror Pond in Bend, Oregon

Happy Wednesday.  Sorry I’m a day off here, hiked the butte yesterday with my girls! Nap time was definitely needed to relax and enjoy a chai.  Today I’m doing a location spotlight on the lovely Drake Park.  There are so many great options at this park.  You have beautiful trees, little paths, and of course Mirror Pond.  No matter the season, it is gorgeous! It’s a perfect place to let the kids be kids! Run around, be silly and just have fun.  I also discovered over the weekend there is a school park just across the bridge.  Perfect if you have a little who loves slides and swings.  Below are a few images all from different seasons.  Enjoy and make it a great day!



*Becky Currier Photography is located in Bend, Oregon.  She shoots in beautiful Central Oregon and will travel out of the area for a small fee.  She also photographs in the greater Sacramento area during the summers.



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