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Our Current Toddler Favorites


Hey guys! I’ve been missing in action over here.  With summer in full swing we’ve been on the go and blogging hasn’t been on the to-do list.  Our twins are growing like weeds these days and I thought I’d share our current favorites.

1.)  Fisher-Price Booster Seat: This felt like a huge milestone for us! Our beloved Ikea highchairs were amazing.  They were cheap, not too big, and easy to clean.  I had the bar set high for our boosters.  Well Fisher Price doesn’t disappoint! These seats are working out amazingly.  Easy to attach and even easier to clean.  The girls love them and it’s been making meal time even more fun.  They absolutely love sitting in the regular chairs and being big girls.

2.) Kids Trays: We’ve also finalllllly started having the girls regularly use plates.  These adorable trays are great!  This pack comes in 4 colors and is dishwasher friendly (top rack).  They are also easy to clean by hand but why do that if you have a dishwasher – work smarter not harder fellow mamas 😉

3.) Gerber Forks: While the girls are still working on their spoon skills, forks are becoming super easy.  I’ve bought a few different kinds and these Gerber ones are the best by far.  They are the perfect size for their dainty hands but still strong enough to actually stab whatever they are eating.  These come in different colors too, pink or green.

4.) Kirkland Organic Applesauce Pouches: I bought these on a whim recently at Costco.  With the girls eating everything in sight these days I wanted some easy snacks to have on hand.  I.e. something I don’t have to prepare.  These pouches are great and they have no added sugar! Major win in my book.  We went to the Zoo this week and they were the perfect snack for the girls. Twist off the cap and boom snack time. The girls love the taste (I’ve tried them and they are pretty yummy) and now request them when I open the fridge, “apple, apple.”

5.) Fisher-Price Mini Farm: This little farm set has been a big hit with the girls.  It makes all sorts of different noises (the animals drinking water, eating apples, the horses galloping and a little song) but none last too long to get on your nerves.  It comes with some animals and people to get the kiddos imaginative play going.  I also really like it because it’s small.  Our living room is tiny as it is so I prefer the girls to have smaller sets and not take over the whole house with their toys. Less for me to pick up, clean, or potentially trip on.

6.) Sand and Water Table: The girls’ Grandparents recently got them this amazing sand and water table for their upcoming birthday.  Penny loves playing with the sand and is warming up to the water area.  Naomi also enjoys but is still more fascinated with the trees in the backyard lol. The hubs and I love this table though.  Took no time at all to set up.  It also is easy to drain, clean and has a nice cover to keep out unwanted pests.  It’s also light-weight (depending on the amount of sand) and can be easily moved around your yard.

For my fellow mamas, I hope this post was helpful! I’m all about sharing what the girls and I love. Any questions let me know and make it a great day!

*Becky Currier Photography is located in Bend, Oregon.  She shoots in beautiful Central Oregon and will travel out of the area for a small fee.  She also photographs in the greater Sacramento area during the summers.



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