Old Folsom Family Photography Part 2

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing my other session I was able to do while visiting family over the summer.  Meet Will and Christiana! Fun fact I met Will my senior year in High School while taking Auto Shop for a semester.  I thought I was cool and knew things about my car…um no. I later spent quite a bit of money getting everything fixed at the dealership. The same dealership where I’d later meet my hubby three years down the road! Any who, back to this sweet family.  When their first little babe turned one they contacted me for photos.  I was so excited to catch up with Will and meet his wonderful wife!  Christiana and I hit it off and have been great friends ever since.  No one understands my love for chai better than her since she’s also hooked! She also became (and still is) one of my go-to friends for Mama advice once I had my twins. These friendships that blossom through the years from sessions are my absolutely favorite part of this business.

Through the years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to photograph their sweet family three times now! When I mentioned I’d be coming to CA I made sure it worked with their schedule since I just had to see them and meet their two new additions since we moved.  Here’s a peek into our session!



*Becky Currier Photography is located in Bend, Oregon.  She shoots in beautiful Central Oregon and will travel out of the area for a small fee.  She also photographs in the greater Sacramento area during the summers.


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