Olive Turns 2: Drake Park in Bend, OR

Sooo to say I’m behind at blogging sessions would be an understatement! I’m slowly working backwards and still have some from last year to do as well, eek.

Today I’m sharing Miss Olive and her family! I’m lucky enough to call her sweet mama a friend of mine here in Bend. I treated them to a session for Olive’s 2nd Birthday.  I’m a huge advocate (even way before having kids) of family photos.  These memories are not only for you but for your kiddos.  I still love looking for old photos when I’m visiting my parents.  I have a horrible memory so to me the pictures literally bring me back to experience times I’ve more than likely forgotten.

Since becoming a Mom though, I’ve realized even more it’s mostly Mom’s snapping the pics.  Out of the millions of photos of my twins I’m barely in any of them.  For this reason alone I’ve started becoming more vocal with friends about getting photos done.  They don’t need to be with me (even though I’d love to do them) but just get them taken!  You will never regret looking back at them, I promise.

For Miss Olive’s session we walked around beautiful Drake Park here in Bend.  She ran all over the place, I definitely didn’t need to workout that day! We saw ducks, dogs, and even dinosaurs.  Then we walked across the bridge and had some fun at the park.  I’ve learned at this age and at any age really if the kids don’t want to sit, do not, I repeat do not force them.  Just let them run and be kids! I usually get genuine smiles and their personalities always shine through.  Mama’s of 2-3 years old just have that in the back of your mind come session time. The photographs of everyone sitting together nicely might not be in the cards at this age, but sneak in some tickles and we’ll get an even better shot!

Enjoy a little peek into this session and make it a great day guys!



2 thoughts on “Olive Turns 2: Drake Park in Bend, OR”

  1. You did such a fantastic job taking pictures with our little Olive! Such great advice on letting them run instead of having them sit at that age. It made for a much more fun, less stressful experience for all! Also, you inspired us to make this a yearly tradition with how important family photos truly are to our littles.


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